Working on Laces

The proper way to spend holidays

Перепечатка и копирование материалов с сайта запрещены!

(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

We had holidays - 11 days for eating, playing and doing nothing! And it is really pitty, that tomorrow is the last day and the school routine will begin. And so in till 31 of may, and then 3 months of the doggy days (caniculas). 

But I did not waste this time. Finally I've started grounding on the stole to match my lanesplitter skirt. It took me year and a half to make motives, well only 1 month, the rest was just waiting for a better moment that did not come. And since there was no Internet in our summer house, there was plenty of time to work on a mesh. And here is what I've got, some photos are made on the mobile, I did not take the kit lense for the camera, and macro one creates funny bluurs. But still, I'll show them just to illustrate the proces of making irish crochet lace

Playing with motives on the template

Motives are already sewn to the fabric

Another piece of a puzzle

And the long-waited moment - starting the irreguar mesh

another photo made on a "i-ron"

Right now the 40% of the groinding is ready and once all  family duties are done, I can continue on the mesh.
And in the moment, when I had too much of a mesh, I continued working on elements for a tunic, the turquose one has only 14 leaves left, and the cream one - 17.  We had  a great time with kids, making patterns with these flowers

Алёна Салимова

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