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A swirl with a puff crab stitch

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(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

swirl previewA swirl made of romanian cord and puff crab stitch

The spring if finally here and inspires me to finish off all my WIPs, so I got the box with the "hot chocolate" top that I started years ago, but left in unattended, when i saw on russian knitting and crochet community exactly the same idea, that I was bearing in mind. Almost similar flowers, same colors, same cords and swirls.. So it was in my to-do list for quite some time now. Couple of days ago I ran into video that gave me new inspiraton, so I'm crocheting all the spare time I have. The swirls are actually very simple, you just need to catch up the secret of a puff crab stitch and your irish crochet lace collection will be replenished with a new motif


And here is the great video tutorial from Tatyana Litke. It might take some practice to make such a swirl, but I'm sure, you'l like the result. Just grab a hook and two skeins of matching colors

Good luck!

Алёна Салимова

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