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irregular mesh in ICCongratulations, you have finished crocheting all the motives, steam-ironed them and created a composition on the template. Now you are standing in front of the choice, how to join them? In classic samples of irish crochet lace the motives were joined with a regular mesh. It could be a french, fillet or any other mesh, combined with a picot stitch, clones knots or any other decorative element. But nowadays it is not forbidden to use an irregular mesh, which can be simply described - do as you like! the cells in this mech are small, and can contain 2-3 chain stitches, combined with double and treble stitches. The main idea is to keep it as chaotic as possible, so it does not reseble a fillet mesh. This is one of the examples on how to make it, a vides tutorial from Viktoria Isakina.
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