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Priscilla Irish book - figure 19

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Мотив ирландского кружева СнежинкаCold november wnd is promicing to bring a heavy snowfalls in a couple of days. And so for today's lesson I've chosen a figure 19 from Priscilla boof of Irish Crochet #1. This motif looks so mush like a snowflake, that I could not resist it. It's a very simple element, which can be used as a motif or a part of a mesh, combuned with any lacy square motif.  As usual I've taken  Violet Yarnart thread and  1 mm crochet.


This element is worked without a padding cord. Make a small ring by wrapping a working thread over a pencil. If you work with a 40 or 50 thread, use a two matches. 

Carefully remove the ring from a pencil and work 16 dc over the ring

End the row with a slipstitch

The second row: chain 5, picot, 4 chain, miss 1 dc in next stitch. Repeat 8 times

For making a picot on a chain, work 8 chains(5 + 3 for picot)

Insert the hook into the 5th ch and do a slipstitch

Now we have a nice  "octopus", finish the row with a slipstitch

slistitch up to the center of the first loop

chain 5, picot, chain 4 dc in the next loop. The original motiv requires to work dc into loop after the picot

But I prefer to do dc into the picot. Finish the row, cut the thread on 3-4 inches and fix the threan. By the way, if you want tu use this motiv as a Christmas tree decoration, make slipstitch to the top of the first loop, make as many chains as you need to fit the snowflake on a tree and slipstitch into a picot. Use a starch or sugar syrup to make a snowflake solid

 Does anybody wants to join me in making a irich crochet christmas tree?

Алёна Салимова

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