Simple leaves patterns

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(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

A simple leaf is a main element of irish lace. based on a same pattern ypu can create different types of floral design. Here are some examples of the same pattern: 

irish crochet pattern


1. A simple leaf


2. a leaf with a central line

This leaf can be modified by skipping the last dc in each raw, so that the edge is one stitch shorter than a previous one.

Another varioation of the same pattern with a shifted center

Алёна Салимова




Hello Alyona,
I'm looking for the vintage Irish leaf pattern, one that looks like it has ripples from one vein to the next.
All the best!
Ellen :-D


This is the modern version of the same pattern, but I am planning to make more tutorials of classic Irish crochet lace elements soon.

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