Madame Hardouin step by step

Vol. 2, motif 21 - triangle

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треугольник по описанию Madame HardouinMotf 21 from Album de Guipure d'Irlande, Madame Hardouin.

A triangle is the most popular in irish crochet lace, after the rose and classic shamrock. Generally it is a styled version of a shamrock or a tradescantia flower. For this lesson I've used Maxi Altinbasak as a packing cord and  Classic Crochet № 50 for the motif. But according to a book it is recommended to use finer thread such as 60, 70 or 80.  
The french version does not include exact numbers, so I've added them too

To begin with we need a thick pencil or two Tulip hooks with plastic handle. Cut about 2 meters of Maxi and fold it in half, and hold it by the center. Make 2-3 loops around handles. 

Using a finer thread make a slipstitch, carefully remove the twsted padding cord, insert the hook into the center loop of a PC, grab the working stitch of a 50 thread. make a chainstitch around the padding cord ring and do 36 double crochets around it, slipstittch into first dc and then 25 over pading cord alone. Slightly pull the cord and to DC into a 12 dc or a ring and over the PC

Keep on working in the same pattern - 25 dc over a cord, 1 dc into the 12 dc of a ring AND the cord. The base of a triangle is ready

Thenext row is done into the back side of a stitch and a padding cord. Do 4 dcs, and 2 dc into the same stitch

next *7 stitches as usual and again 2dc into the same stittch of a previous row*, repeat  * one more time, 4 dc. This way we added 3 stitches and now on each side now are 28 stiches 

Skip one dc and  work on another sides. Carefully pull the cord to shape a motif

next row is don on both parts of a stitch and no increasings. Just to DC into each stitch

The fourth row is done the same way as the second, but we have to add 6 stitches now. To make so make 4 dc, 2 dc into one stitch, *3 dc and  2 dc into one stitch* repeat one more time, 2 dc, repeat * twice and 4 double crochet. By the end of a row we have 34 stitches per side

The fith and the last row is done with a set of dc and picot. *4 dc, 3-4 chain picot and a dc into the save stitch as the last dc* repeat till the end of a row. Finish and fix a packing cord as I shown earlier 

Our triangle from Album de Guipure d'Irlande, Madame Hardouin is ready

Алёна Салимова

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