Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Irregular filling of modern Irish crochet lace

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Irregular filling on modern Irish crochet lace

Well, the tutorial you all have been waiting for is here.

The irregular filling in modern irish crochet lace is puzzling beginning crocheters, since it requires a bit of spatial thinking. If you are about to make a regular filing, such as the fillet mech, or a mesh with clones knots, you start from one corner and move to another, strictly following the pattern of motifs, joining them together. And with modern one, you may need to plan how you are going to fill the spaces. The filling might sway like a trickle, swirling around flowers and leaves.

For this tutorial I've used

Thread Size compared to DMC Crochet hook in mm
Violet Yarnart 15 DMC 1 mm
Iris Yarnart 30 DMC 0.85 mm

As I mentioned earlier in previous tutorials, I prefer to have a chaos in my filling, so I try to make my filling like a cracked soil on drought. So my filling is a combination of pentagons, hexagons and diamonds. It is a good practice to avoid streight lines, triangles and squares, giving a filling more natural look. Also I recommend you to use an upside-doown Y and X stitches, when you make 2-3 yarnovers over the hook and once one treble is done, make another yarnover and make another treble into the opposite area, and then complete the Y stitch, working with two loops at the same time. And you can combine Y stitches, making another Y stitch on the side of the current one. Yes, it sounds confusing but all of that is explained in the video.

So enough of talking, grab the hook and learn how to do the filling for modern irish crochet lace.

Алёна Салимова

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