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Flowers of dunes Lesson 3 - calendula

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calendula crochet flower tutorialFlowers of Dunes dress tutorial by Alyona Salimova. Lesson 3 - Calendula flowers


Today we make a third flower that will be used for the Flowers of Dunes, and it is a calendula. Another brave plant that dares to grow in our blistering hot climate.

I've used a standard Irish crochet rose pattern with some small changes, generally they are related to the flower center. Instead of a set of trebles and chains into the first stitch, I make a solid center, just as if I war making a button from a first lesson. You need to make 18 or 24 trebles for the center, so start with 6 or 8 chains of a ring.
This tutorial also covers the method of joining motifs together in a block of flowers to ease the process of placing them on a pattern and further filling
Join me on making FLowers of Dunes dress

Alyona Salimova

Алёна Салимова

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