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How to make a collar

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classic irish crochet laceLast week I had a quick project - a collar made with classic Clones style


And today is time to make a step-by-step photos how it was made. So what I have was a streight dark burgundy dress, slightly resembling a victorian dresses. You know the teens, sometimes they have some cool crazy ideas. And I had to make it more authentical with Clones lace collar. So the main motif was the Irish rose on the wide area of a collar and a buttonies on a neck line.

mk collar 01

I took the template of a dress and transferred it to my project cloth, we have ended up with 4 segments in the back and a button fastener The outer edge of a collar is marked with a double line, that part will be taken by crown edging, so that part is not taken into consideration. Just a small note, my edge with size 60 yarn is about 1 cm, so I outcasted it.
mk collar 02

the next part of the project was a fillet mesh band. It will be an interlayer between filling and crowns.
how to crochet an irish lace collar

Sew in the band, using a stitch that resemles a ladder, over the cell of a mesh.
fillet mesh in Irish crochet lace

At this stage I've realised that there are too little elements so I added shamrocks. Note that since I work in Clones lace, I sew in all the motifs face up
mk collar 05

now it is time to make a filling with Clones knots, just like it was done 160 years ago
mk collar 06

I made two rows until I reach the level of flowers, now the filling is done between the flowers first
mk collar 07

now the whole filling is made and attached to the upper fillet band.
mk collar 08

mk collar 09

And finally I can remove the template cloth anf complete the edge with Crowns, you can find them in Maire Treanor's book of Clones lace. The inner part of a collar is made with plain double crochet set.
mk collar 11

and the result is here Irish crochet lace collar

Алёна Салимова

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Haydee Muniz

Haydee Muniz

:-* :-) Precioso!!
Haydee Muniz

Haydee Muniz

:D Precioso!!!

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