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Daffodil petals

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daffodil crochet petals tutorialhow to crochet daffodil petals

in a previous lesson I've already shown you how to crochet a daffodil crown and today we are going to continue with the rest of this elegant flower. Since my new project is made oin a modern irish crochet lace style, I've decided to add something from a classic school and make petals on a padding cord. 
Now, we have a central part of a flower ready. I'll be making a daffodil using Alize Miss thread for both working thread and a padding cord, and 1 mm hook. Measure about 1 meter of a thread for a PC, cut in and fold in half.
narciss 11

Flip over the cron and you will see a chain of stitches. Insert the hook into one of them
narciss 12

Place the packing cord on a hook, so that hook is inside the loop. Add a slipstitch of a working thread
narciss 13

Pull the working thread through the padding cord and the stitch in the crown, make 1 chain to secure the PC. Make 16 double crochet stitches over the PC. Use a leftover thread from a working thread as a padding cord too. Once it is secured inside a flower motif, you can cut off the remaining piece
narciss 14

turn the work over and set the PC aside. all rows of a petal are made on the back loop only, so skip the first stich and all others are made bl: 1 double crochet, 1 half a treble, 1 treble, 1 half double treble, 6 double trebles, 1 half double treble, 1 treble, 1 half a treble, 1 double crochet, 
narciss 15

Turn the work and do dc on a back loop 
daffodil flower for irish crochet lace

Make 2 DC on a padding cord
narciss 17

Turn the work and working on both packing cord and the stitches of a previous row, make a row of dc in bl. 
how to crochet over a padding cord

narciss 19

make 2 dc over a pc and the stitches of a crown 
narciss 20

Repeat for other 5 petals. Do not forget to regulate the tension of a packing cord
narciss 21

Before you finish the last petal, secure the padding cord. 
narciss 22

insert the hook into the last stitch of a crown 
narciss 23

grab the PC and pull through the stitch  
narciss 24

Fold the threads of a PC, fix the tension and work the rest of a row over a doubled PC.  
narciss 25

Once again, set the tension for the whole flowers, cut the extra of a pc. Finish a flower, bind off and using a working thread make two-three stitches on the place where pc was folded. Hide the thread. The daffodil flower for irish crochet lace composition is ready 
narciss 26

Алёна Салимова

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