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Daffodil crown

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daffodil crown crochetedHow to crochet a daffodil crown

Spring is finally here, and almost every flowerbed and garden is covered with varieties of daffodils. And I thought that it will be a good idea to add some of this spring flowers into my irish crochet lace work. 

A number of attempts was made to make an ideal flower, but it took too many photos and steps to make, so I had to split this tutorial into two parts. Today I am going to show, how to crochet a daffodil crown

I've used Miss Alize 100% mercerised cotton yarn, that is almost equal to Anchor 20 thread and 0.9 mm crochet hook.

yarn for irish crochet lace

Since most of the visitors of my site are already experienced crocheters, and there is no need for a photo-steps in the most of the tutorial, such as making chains and so on. If you are a beginner, you might want to check earlier lessons, that have all these steps covered in every detail.
So we make 4 chains, make acircle and do another 3 chains to get to the approrpiate row level. Make 11 trebles (doubles in american terms) into a loop.
центр цветка нарцисса

That is the buttom of a cup that we will build our flower on. But with daffodil we need to use every single stitch in a buttom twice, first for the crown, second for petals, so we have to make another set of stitches for the crown, since the current row will be used for petals. And we need to make a chain and a slipstitch into each stitch of the previous row
narciss 03

Thats what we have to get as a result: as you can see, we have a working set of stitches both on top and on the side of a base
narciss 04

narciss 05

So now we are going to make a cylinder. Do 3 chains and then 1 treble stitch into each stitch of the prevoius row
narciss 06

narciss 07

Finish the row with a slipstitich into 3rd chain. The cup is ready
narciss 08

Second row is the mouth of a crown. It is made of two half a trebles into the same stitch and a 4 chain stitch picot. Start with a half a treble, make a picot and then another ht into the same stitch. Repeat 11 times
narciss 09

Finish the row with a slipstitch, bind off and secure the thread. The daffodil crown is ready. In the next tutorial I will show you, how to make petals.
narciss 10

Алёна Салимова

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