Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

How to do a neckline with a padding cord

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how to make a neckline with a help of a padding cordHow to make a neck line with the help of a padding cord

The last tought that you usually do when making irish crochet lace is the arm-hole and neckline. And I use the following method that I want to show you in this tutorial 

Once the motifs are sewn in to the template and the rest of the filling is done, is the time to finish the trims. Since I use a ready-to-wear dress as a template, I also fit it on top of a cushion, that gives me the right fitting and line tension. Secure the work with pins
gorlovina 01

For the trims I prefer to make a regular filling that resembles a fillet mesh but with 3 chains instead of 2. Attach a working thread to a flower and make 3 chains to get to the level of a trim, and them another 3 chains for the edge. The next stitch is on the same level as the first one, so I just make a treble (double crochet). Pin the beginning of an edge trim to a template
gorlovina 02

As I said before, the line will consist of cells with 3 chains. Since the next stitch falls in area between flowers, I fill it with a reverse Y stitch. Make 2 yarnovers
gorlovina 03

make 2 treble into the right flower's petal
gorlovina 04

Make another yarnover and doa  treble into a left flower
gorlovina 05

Work the 2 stitches from two trebles together and complete the last treble with a yarnover on a hook
gorlovina 06

Work the same pattern over the whole edge. There might be areas, where you  can use half a treble on a regular flower, or a reverse Y stitch with double trebles, if the space between flowers requires to
gorlovina 07

Finish the row with a slipstitch
gorlovina 08

Now it is time for a paddind cord. I've used Violet Yarnart for the filling and now I take Begonia Yarnart for the packing cord. Measure about 2.5 length of the trim. Fold it in half
gorlovina 09

Pull the working thread through this loop and make a chain stitch to secure the PC inside
gorlovina 10

Now the most complicating part. The filling line we did from the wrong side, but the final row should be done from a face side. It might be uncomfortable for the first couple of inches, but you will get used to it. Turn the work with a right side facing you
gorlovina 11

Now the only thing we have to do is to make 4 dc into eash space between trebles and a 3-4 chains picot
gorlovina 12

While working on the dcs, pull the padding cord to prevent the edge from loosening. Streighten it out with the template
gorlovina 13

Once you reach the last 3 inches of work, fix a padding cord by pulling the spare ends at the beginning of a work, fold it and place it along the work with the main part of PC. Make sure that the PC is 5-8 mm shorter than the remaining filling line. COntinue with crocheting dc over the folded PC, finish the work with a slipstitch and fix the thread.

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