Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Rowan branch for beginners

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rowan branch - a sample project for beginnersA great sample project for beginners - Rowan branch 

As a beginner in irish crochet lace you may have a lot of questions, especially on a layout. And unfortunately its a common mistake to be inspired with pictures in magazines and start with a project like a top, a skirt or a dress. 
And I recommend beginners to start with something smaller like a pillowcase for a cushion or a panel. This way you can experiment with a layout, filling on a small area and then decide whether you continue on this type of a yarn art or stop with a small completed project. 

Also you can involse your children, and give them a chance to show their fantasy, and since we use a sylicone hot glue gun, there is no need for childred to get dissapointed with filling

We will need yarn size 10, red and section-dyied green yarn. 
With a red yarn make classic buttonies or the following pattern, that I use for flower buds. Start with 5 chains and lock them in a circle with a slipstitch. Make 3 chains and 15 trebles, finish with a slipstitch and bind off.

set1 01

Take 4 red circles and using a pattern below make branch using a green or dark-light sectioned yarn.
set1 02

Make leaves on the same pattern or the Classis leaf with ribs and do a stem with a romanian cord. The rowan berries are the buttoines, that we have made earlier

Place a rowan berries on a cloth and fix it with a hot glue. 
set1 03

Place stems and glue them too.set1 05

Add leaves 
set1 06

Attach the berries 
set1 07

The picture is ready to be framed. 
set1 07


Алёна Салимова

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