Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Openwork leaf for Peruvian connection blouse

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lace leaf for irish crochet lace

A bit earlier I did make a lesson for a flower that was used in Lacy blouse from Peruvian Connection, today is another element, the lace leaf. It is very easy and fast to make. For except of a central part the whole work is made in rounds. 

Start with a chains, make 25 chain stitches and make a treble into a 7th chain from the hook  

Do a fillet mesh - 2 chains 1 treble into each third chain. Work to the last chain

*Make 3 chains, treble into the same chain* repeat 2 more times. Now we have a smooth edge. Continue with a filllet mesh on the other side of a chain

Finish the row with 3 chains and a slipstitch into the thirt chain of the beginning chain. The central part of the leaf is ready

The next row is the body of a leaf. Make 3 chains and a treble into a bas of the chains. make 5 trebles into an arch of the chains

Fill the fillet mesh as usual - 2 trebles into spaces and 1 treble into a treble of a previous row. 

The smooth part of leaf is done the following way:
3 trebles into an arc of chains, 1 treble onto treble of a previous row, 4 treblesinto an arc of chains, 1 treble onto treble of a previous row, 3 trebles into an arc of chains, 1 treble onto treble of a previous row. The rest of the row as the other side

Finish the row with 5 trebles and a slipstitch

The final row is done with picots, you can make picots with 3 or 4 chains.
Make 1 chain and a dc into the base of a chain, on smooth edges of the leaf make 2 dc into the same stitch on every 3rd dc, work with dc over the motif make a picot into each 4th dc. 
THe leaf is ready


Алёна Салимова

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