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Buttonies shamrock

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buttony shamrock irish laceButtonies shamrock

As I mentionesd earlier, there are many ways and patterns to crochet shamrock. And one of them is using a classical element buttony. 

For this Lesson I've used photos from the communty and they were done by Amelie (Olivka) and the text was added 

Just like any beginner you have to keep in mind, that the classical way to make a buttony is over a padding cord or working thread, as thought we are used to work with a chain of chain stitches. And since we use a size thread, we will use a pen or a pencil, for the thinner thread or a smaller shamrock use a crochet handle. Holding a working thread, wound 8 to 10 loops around the pencil 
как вязать трилистник

Carefully remove them and make a dc and a chain
shamrock 02

and work with dc evenly around the base of a buttony
shamrock 03

Make another set of base 
shamrock 04

Remove the pen and make DC and chain
shamrock 05

shamrock 06

Work around the second petal
shamrock 07

once finish the row, maka a slipstitch to join the rings
shamrock 08

Repeat for the third loop
shamrock 09

fix in the thread and the shamrock is ready
классический трилистник ирландского кружева


Алёна Салимова

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