Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Crocheted strawberry or rapsberry

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strawberry crochet patternHow to chrochet a rapsberry or a strawberry

When you are making a lace for kids, you require some bright and funny elements that little princesses love to have. And with flowers and leaves you just have to make butterflies and berries!! And today we will make a motif that can be used as a rapsberry or a strawberry in modern version of irish crochet lace. To do this pattern we need yarn of red and green colors size 10, 1-1.1 mm crochet hook and stuffing material

что нужно для вязания ягоды крючком

Make a magick or amigurumi ring and 2 chains 
berry 02

And make a puff stitch with 4 yarnovers and a chain

berry 03

Make another 3 puff stitches+chains and a slipstitch into a second chain that we did in the beginning of a row
berry 04

Pull the beginning threand and close the magic loop, tie the spare end at the center of a motif
berry 05

The next row make 2 puff stitches into each space between the stiches of a previous row, starting just like the previous row with 2 chains
berry 06

we have 8 puff stitches 

berry 07

Thid row of a berry make 2 chains, 2 puffstitch into a odd stitch, 1 puff into even. Repeat to make 12 puff stitches  
berry 08

The forth row is a bit tricky -we have to add a stitch every third st. make a double puff stitch into the doubles stitches from a previous row, and 2 regular puff stitches between them. This would look like this: 2 chains, * a puff stitch, chain, another puff stitch into the same st, chain, Puff into the next stitch, chain, puff, chain, * repeat 3 more times 
berry 09

4rth row - repeat increasing as before, adding one more regular puff between doubled. Make sure that doubles are still on top of eachother
berry 10

5 row, starting this row we have to decrease the amount of stitches, by crocheting every two puff stitches as one. Make a PS from a first stitch, but do not complete it, make another one from a next stitch and crochet them together as one. Repeat till the end of a row, slipstitch 
berry 11

berry 12

Add a green yarn and make a sepal. make 1 row of dc, and the next row with a slipstitch. Fill the element with stuffing material
berry 13

Since we made a row of sipstitches, we have a braid on the outer edge that we will use for the sepal, and the inner braid for the stem, Make double crochet 2 together around the inner circle  .
berry 14

keep on worjing with dc in circle until reach the desired length of a stem
berry 15

Cut the thread and return to the outer braid. Make following: 4 chains and into the same stitch a triple treble crochet (we are talking about english chart, if you use american, make a double treble), two triple trebles into the next stitch, 1 trtr and 4 chains intho the third stitch. Repat 5 more times  
berry 16

Your berry is ready
berry 17

you can add this berry into a kid's dress, use it in a reticule's tie or a belt
This tutorial was prepared by Lilia Pervushina for site

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