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Puff stitch flower

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мотивы ирландского кружеваa step-by-stp instrution on an element of a modern IC

Handicraft helps us to cope with stress of our hectic times and really helps to relax. But it also helps us to create really fancy items like a handbag or an applique for clothing. 
And the traditional for irish crochet lace element if a flower, you can name any and there will be a pattern for it.  But Ukranian masters go beyond and invent their own elements, like this flower with a center made of a puff stitch
I've used Anna-16  yarn, but you can take any size 10 yarn and a hook 1-1.12 mm. Also you can combine different colors for center, puffs and petals (i.e dark green, orange and purple for an echinacea flower)
cvetok60 01

to begin make 6 chains and a slipstitich into a first one, making a circle
cvetok60 02

first row: make 3 chains and 11 triple crochet, making 12 stitches in total. slipstitch into a third chain. If you make a multi-colored flower, change yarn to appropriate color
cvetok60 03

Secord row. Make 3 chains
cvetok60 04

Make a fisrt puff stitch into a second chain from a hook. Make a yarnover and pull the stitch from a stitch, repeat 3 times. Make the same into a third chain from a hook We have now 2 puff stitches and a first chain 
cvetok60 05

du a yarnover and pull the thread through all the stitches on a hook. then 1 sls into a stitch of a previous row. we made a first knobble
cvetok60 06

Repeat 11 times.
cvetok60 07

Turn the work to the back side and nake 12 loops for the petals: make 2-3 chains (this number depends on your gauge, if your chains are loose, make 2, if too tight, make 3) and a wrapping dc. you can check, how its made on following lesson Crocheted irish rose  
cvetok60 08

cvetok60 09

Make 5 chains for the first petal and 5 double treble stitches. Do not finish them off, you now must have 6 stitches on a hook. 
cvetok60 10

Crochet all 6 stitches together, pake a 3 chain picot on top of a petal. 
cvetok60 11

do 4 chains and a dc into a base loop. Make the rest of a petals, but now do 4 chains instead of 5. With the last one make a slipstitch into a first chain of the first petal 
cvetok60 12

Finish the work by cutting the thread and fix the thread inside the work, sewing in into the base of the petals as a padding cord. More info can be found here Fixing a thread
cvetok60 14

Our flower is ready to use
cvetok60 14

This lesson was prepared by Lilia Pervishina especially for


Алёна Салимова

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