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How to join irish squares

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how to join together squares of irish crochet laceThe simple and elegant way to join irish crochet squares

Since last year's visit to Ireland, I've fell in love with the real crochet lace, that I've seen, touched and had a chance to study. And so leaving most of my WIPs from Maxi and Violet behind, I've decided to conquer it and grabbed size 50 thread and 0.6 mm hook. And traditionally for me started inventing a bike. Traditionally irish crochet lace squares are crocheted individually in Clones and Roslea, and then, once the required amount is done, placed on a template and joined together with chains and picots. But I prefer to do it as it goes and join them in the last row. And ran into a problem, that these squares are actually hexagons, and once they are joined, there are gaps in corners. Of course you can place a smaller flowers in between, but that is pretty annoying. So I had to strain my spatial imagination, recall the rarely used technique of Y shaped trebles and it solved a problem. And I invented a filling that Maire Treanor called "wee shamrocks". In fact it does look like a four leaf shamrock. 

So we have a square with irish rose in a center. It is exacty the same as in Maire Treanor's book, page 109, with the last row missing
roslea 01

And the other three squares that already joined by one side to each other
roslea 02

To get to the last row, I use a set of slipstitches to get to the top of the loop
roslea 03

Do the set or double picot loops to the bar in the corner. There are two double picot loops on each bar, that can be joined to another loop of a two squares so we make a first one as usual. For the second one, make a picot, one chain
roslea 04

and a slipstitch to a related loop of a neighbouring square right betweet picots

roslea 05

Make 4 chains
roslea 06

and loop a picot into a second chain, then 2 chains and a slipstitich into a bar
roslea 07

Repeat for each loop, until you reach to the next bar. Now you can see the gap I was talking about. And the good point is, that in this gap we have 8 picots, 2 from each square. Now it is time for us to virtually divide and label our squares anti-clockwise, so we have a current square N1 in the right bottom of a picture, the one we have just joined it to, the top right - N2, left top N3 and left bottom N4
roslea 08

For the second loop on a bar, make 4 chains
roslea 09

Turn the work to the wrong side and do 4 yarn-overs
roslea 10

Do 1 treble to a picot of a first square using the first yarnover, make another yarn over and do a treble into a picot of a second square. Now we have 2 stitches, 3 yarnovers and 1 stitch
roslea 11

Work both trebles as one
roslea 12

And make another treble using a yarnover on a hook. We have 1 stitch, 2 yarnovers and one stitch
roslea 13

Make another YO
roslea 14

And crochet another up-side-down Y shaped set of trebles, this time into picots of a second and a third square. We have 2 stitches, 2 yarnovers, 1 stitch
roslea 15

Make th same for the third-fourth square
roslea 16

Work three stitches together
roslea 17

Make 1 treble with a yarnover that we had on a hook, and make another YO
roslea 18

Treble into the spare picot of a fourth square.
roslea 19

Complete the treble and mak one chain
roslea 20

make a slipstitch into a second chain of a chais, this would be an imitation of a picot. Turn the work to the right side
roslea 21

Chain and a slipstitch into the loop that we have just used with picot. The rest of the work is done the same way as was shown in the beginning of this lesson. Complete the square as usual
roslea 22

As a result we hava a nice lucky four-leaved shamrok
roslea 23


Алёна Салимова

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Máire Treanor

Máire Treanor

This is Alyona's style of joining the squares, not the traditional way!:) Congratulations on devising your own style of joining Irish Crochet squares:)
Sorry to hear that you will not be attending the 24th Annual Clones Lace Summer Workshop June 10-15th 2014. We hope to see you in 2015:)
There are still places available, if anyone else wants to attend this year!


Thanks Maire!
Hopefully we'll meet in 2015, and Tonya will join too!
Nora Corallo

Nora Corallo

Hi Alyona.
I always give lot of value to the creativeness of others to solve problems.
Thank you very much for your time in sharing this with us. Next time I need, I will surely come back to this place to follow your instructions!
My best regards from Argentina

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