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Flower with radial center

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Flower motif with radial center A floral motiv from a japaneese magazine.

 It turned out that one of the most popular searches on irish crochet lace were japaneese designs. And one of them is an elegant handbag Handbags. So today I'll start a set of lessons on this handbag helping you to create someting simiar. And we will start with a simple one, a flower with a radial center. By the way, the center itself can be used as a dandelion. The patterns is following:

схема цветка ирландского кружева

I've used size 10 thread (the most popuar turkish Maxi or Violet in our part of the world) and hook size 1-1.1 mm
Make 8 chains and lock them into a ring with a clipstitch
bag motif1 01

The seond row: make 1 chain and 15 double crochet into a ring, using a spare yarn tail and the chain as a padding cord. Finish with a slipstitch. After this row you can cut off the excess spare end. 
bag motif1 02

Third row and we make radials. do 4 chains - 3 for the first ray and 1 for the space between bag motif1 03

* 1 treble crochet, 1 chain* repeat 15 times, end the row with a slipstitch into the third chain of a first ray
bag motif1 04

Row 4: 1 chain and 31 dc , sl into the first chain
bag motif1 05

Row 5 : 5 chains and 1 dc into fourth dc of a previous row. We just made a loop for a first petal
bag motif1 06

The next loops are made of 4 chains and dc into each 4rth stitch. slipstitch into a firt chain of a first loop. We now have 8 bases for petals
bag motif1 07

I made some chandes in a pattern by addind a dc in the beginning and the end of a petal, so in my version do 1 dc, 1 half treble, 5 trebles, 1 half treble, 1 dc. Or use a pattern without a DC
bag motif1 08

COntimue to work on the petals, finish the row with a sl s into a base of the current petal(last chain)
bag motif1 09

make one chain to move to tle wrong side of our work
bag motif1 10

For the next row you have to know how to make a wrapping crochet, it is marked on a pattern as a cross with an upside down question mark.  From the wrong side, insert the hook into the flower as shown on a photo below, you'll have a dc of a previous set of loops on top of a hook
bag motif1 11

Grab the working thread and pull it on 
bag motif1 12

Fitish the dc. This way we have moved to the neede level of a flower motif, without a stringing to the first row. Both rows of a flower are now layed freely, and there is no bridle between them. Now make 6 chains and a wrapping dc into the next petal base. Make another 7 loops of 5 chains. End the row with a slipstitch into first chain of a first loop
bag motif1 13

The second petal is made the same as a first, but with 7 trebles instead of 5.

The flower is ready
bag motif1 final

Алёна Салимова

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