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Three petal flower

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How to crochet a flowera three petal flower for Lacy blouse from Peruvian Connection

I did try to find a pattern for this tree-petal flower for a blouse. Flora Mazi uses some similar elements, but none of her patterns could be found in the magazines that I have with me. So I made a lesson for those beginners who can not read from a crocheted item and needs a descrption or a pattern. It is very simple and ideal for a beginner in irish crochet lace

Traditionally start with 8 chain stitches.

Lock them into a ring with a slipstitch

The center of a flower is a solid circle, so we make 3 chains and 23 treble crochet into a loop. As usual, use a spare yarn end as a padding cord along with chains

The second row is an set of arches made of chains. Make 12 chains for the first arch, and a dc into a 8th treble of a previous row. The other two arches are made of 11 chains. The lasp arch is joined with the first base chain of a first arch

For the petal * 1 chain for the first petal (make 1 dc for other petals) 1 half a dc, 21 double crochet, 1 half dc, 1 dc. Repeat from * 2 times

make all petals and end the row with a slipstitch

You can leave the flower as it is, but I prefer to make one more row to make it more solid. You can do it with a set of chain and dc, but I prefer just double crochet into each stitch. make them around the edge, skiping the first and the last of each petal. I've marked it with a hook on a photo

This is what we should get as a result

Алёна Салимова




:-)****** Beautiful as always and big thank you.

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