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A poppy flower on a padding cord

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crocheted poppy flowerIt's a second season as poppy flowers are taking more and more space in desighner's minds, especially those who work in irish crochet style. 

This also affected me, and I've started producing them in enormous amount. For a while I'll fit in two of my projects - combined with a chestnut leaf(which actually fits this beautiful flower) and for the cave paintings of Gobustan, where poppies will be purple, since that is the color of this flower that grows in that rocky desert - tiny, with narrow purple petals. Thought one flower I've crocheted in red, and we'll work on it right now. I've used Yarnart Violet in three colors - green, black and red, and for a paddding cord Yarnart Begonia in 4 ply, the same color as used for petals.
I've used this pattern, that was found in the web, but as usual made some changes to match my crocheting pace


Accoring to this pattern, there is a chain of 20 stitches, but this makes a center enormous, so I do 11-12 ch, depending on your gauge, close in a circle with a slipstitch into a firsh chain stitch, 1 ch and 24 dc, working on a chain and the free end of a yarn, finish the row with a slipstitch

The second row of a flower's center is made of fillet mesh: 5 chain stitches *1 treble into next odd dc 2 chain *  11 times, slipstich into third ch. cut the yarn on 4 inches from work and pull the thred to lock it. The green parn is done 

make a beginning stitch on a black thread, leafing 3-4 inches of a leftover yarn. Pull the stitch through the green slipstitch, 1 chain

now we have to crochet a double stitch, that will wrap up the treble of a previous row.  Insert the hook under the treble(on picture - chains)

Grab the thread with a hook and do dc. 7 chain and wrapping dc into nex ODD treble(sripping the even)

We'll get a following construction of 6 arches, finish a row with a slipstitch to the firch black ch.

Now it is time to make stamens. on each arch do 1 dc 1half treble, 6(I did 8, since I like a solid details) trebles, 1 halftreble, 1 double. Use the yarn ends as a padding cord, working on it with a dc of arches. Finich the row with a slipstitch, cut the yarn on 4 inches from work and bind off.

We'll need 80 cm of a padding cord - a 4 ply Begonia(I use it from 2 skeins and just fold it in 2). With red Violet make a beginning stich 1 dc over a padding cord, and pull this stitch trough the back of a motif.

work over PC and green chain stitches - in eash green arch do 3 double stitches.

There is no need to pull a dc, right now it lays freely

Time to make petals. Leave a cord aside 4 chain, *1 treble 1 chain* 7 times

3 chain 13 treble

repeat previous row

4rth row is a fillet mesh again 4 chain, 1 treble *2 chain 1 treble* 5 times 1 chain 1 treble

The last row is the top of a petal: 1 chain, 1 double, 1 half treble into first section of a filllet mesh, 4 treble each into following 2 fillet mesh sections, 1 halftreble, 1 dc, 1 ht into 4th section, 4 treble each into following 2 fillet mesh sections, 1 half treble 1 dc into a last section

For the following petal we ahve to move down to the base: 3 chain, 1 double, 2 chain 1 double, 3 chain 1 dc, 1 chain 2 dc on a row with pc. Other petals are done the same way, with one exception - do 3 chain instead of beginning 4 

All petals are done, now it is time to work them with a padding cord

Take the cord and work on it and the chain stitches of a petal - 3 dc into each section

The top of a petal is worked 1 dc into each stitch of a previous row, but as usual i made some chamges, adding extra dc on corners and trebles that precend or follow the halftrebles

Fix a padding cord as usual, 10-12 stitches before the work end 

A poppy flower sis ready, you can now steam-iron it and place into your project of irish crochet

Алёна Салимова

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