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Crocheted irish rose

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irish roseCrocheted rose is one ot the most distinctive elements of irish crochet lace. And since the ICL is passing through the second boom of popularity, it is becoming popular motive even on regular knitting and crochet projects. 




And mostly in ICL it can be fitted into hexagonal mesh motive like n this blouse

блуза, ирландское кружево

We will be crocheting this rose, but with small corrections: pattern is for 8 petals, and I'll make only 6
схема розы для ирландского кружева
I've used Violet or Maxi yarn, but you can use any 10 size thread and 1 mm hook crochet.

To begin, make 5 chain stitches and make a circle with a slipstitch into a first chain. Do 4 chains

and *1 treble into a circle1 ch * make ** 5 times. Finish a row with a sls into the 3rd chain. We have a 6 ray weel

For the petals, work over the chains between trebles of a previous row in following pattern: 1 dc, 3 tr, 1 dc for each petal. Slipstitch at the end of a row

Once we finished the first set of petals, time to start a second layer. Just like with a first one, we need to make base loops for them. We'll be using a wrapping stitch. Insert the hook from the right side of a flower 

and turn our work to the wrong side

make a dc and 3 chains. DO the same for other 5 loops

Petals are done in the following order: 1 dc, 5 trebles, 1 dc

Keep on working on other layers, increasing in each row chains by 1 chs and 2 trebles for petals. make as many layers as you need, and once work is done, leave about 4 inches thread and cut it. Fix the spare end inside the rose with a tapestry needle. We have a classic irich crochet rose done!

tutorial srochet irish rose

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