Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Sewing motives together

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сборка мотивов ирландского кружева

And so you have decided to make your first sample of irish crochet lace. All the necessarily elements are crocheted, steam-ironed, dried out and sewn to the template fabric. The next step is to sew the motives where design requires it to be joined. Lets take a look at the rear side of the flower or any other element. You will see two arches os the stitch, front and back side, and just below the back one there will be another small arch. All we have to do now is insert the tapestry needle behind this little arch(stitch) and at the same time into the similar stitch of the next motive





Pull the thread through tightly and insert the needle into the next stitch of the second motif

and coming back to the first arch of the first motif. Pull the thread tightly and insert the needle into the next stitch of the first motif. This is similar to a vertical stockinet stitch between to elements.

Once both motives are sewn together, tie a knot and fix the thread into a motif. Once all elements are joined you can continue with a mesh.

Алёна Салимова

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