Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Filling on a big area

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Sometimes you need to do filling on areas with a big distance between motifs. In these cases is impossible to fill "from shore to shore". 

What I usually do, is to make a long cord with chains to join two motifs. It is better to make is a bit extra, to avoid streight line in a mosaic filling, that we are going to make. Couple of trebles in V shape to attach to an  opposite element

Then, using a tailor pins, shape a curve and pin a chain in a desired position. This way we will avoid the streight line

And do the filling as usual, 

And here is the result - irregular mesh that no one can determine that it came from a row of chain stitches


Алёна Салимова


Brigitte Lan

Brigitte Lan

***** Great inspiration and great help to me. ******
Thank you.

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