Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

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Sometimes you need to crochet a mesh in a corners and narrow places, which are better to be filled with double or triple crochet

In this case I have a space on the edge between a leaf and a flower. from the leaf side do three yarnovers

and crochet a triple stitch to the leaf edge, leaving one stitch and one yarn-over on a hook

one chain stitch and a triple crochet into a petal

Now we have two stitches from triple stitches and a yarn-over. Crochet the stitches as a sigle crochet and then a double crochet with a yarn-over. Then I continue with a irregular mesh


Here is a more complicating part, this time it resembles a tunisian long crochet. On the hook I already have a stitch, a yarn-over, unfinished double crochet that is leading to a leaf, yarn-over and another double crochet to the part of the mesh? that was done by advance.The next step is a slipstitch to the flower petal, and then crocheted all stitches in tunisian method, one by one

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I just learned so much from your post! Thank you so much for the lesson! :-)

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