Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Rose and shamrock in a hexagon shape motif

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Here are two more basic elements, that are used in irish crochet lace

In a previous lesson I've shown how to crochet a solar motif that is surrounded by regular mesh and shaped into a hexagon shape This type of element was usually used to fill in areas, that did not required heavy-flowered design. Quite often this was also used to save time. But apart from a solar circle of a dandelion, rose and shamrock were used. And today'll show how to fit these motives into the same filling, and also how to join them together

I'm not going to repeat instructions on rose, it can be found in the appropriate lesson. Just keep in mind that we need a 6 petal rose. Once we finish the rose, do three slipstitches until we reach first treble and make a mesh with picots or clones knots, just like we did in the mentioned above lesson - 7 chains, 3 of them maka a picot body and follow the pattern. Connect filling mesh into first and last trebles of each petal

Once we finsh the loop with two picots, make a dc into the 5th treble of a petal  Keep on working and join the mesh and attach it to the first treble of a next petal. 

Do the mesh around the whole flower. This way we have 2 arches per section and 12 in total.

Almost the same logic is in shamrock, but since it has only three shafts, we have to make 4 arches to it - loop wth picot over the top of a ray, loop to a middle of a leaf but with a longer "leg" - after second picot make four or five chains, the loop in between leaves also starts and ends with a longer leg, and repeat in backward order.

Once the second row of a filling is done, it is time to think, how to join elements together. If we join them as usual with a corresponding loop oa another motive, we'll get a big hole in between

This is happening, because we are trying to fit a "circle" into a hexagon. Of course we can fill it with a Y shape stitch, but this won't help a lot, motives still will be fitted too tight

That is one of the arches has to be changed to make an deal hexagon. Each third loop has to be bigger, this is done by adding 4 chains between picots. In a usual one we have 3, and in long ones - 7 chains

Now we can join elements into canvas, by joining short sides with short ones and long ones together. 

This is what we'll get as a final

Алёна Салимова

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