Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

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Лист драцены для кружеваIt's been a while since I've published lessons on irish crochet lace. It is time to change the situation. I can not guarantee a regular and daily updates, since apart from my three-grade daughter, my son has started his private pre-school trainings, which means a zero of a free time to create. Ok, today we have a draceana leaf to crochet


This leaf I've decided to use in one of my projects, so currently I have an enormouse stash of this pretty thing on my desk. We'll use this pattern:

Although, I have to inform you that I never follow the strict pattern and do make changes to match my gauge, and these changes will be marked during the lesson. Start with 18 chainstitch

Turn and work as if we are crocheting a sharp leaf, 16 double crochet and 3 dc in the last chainstitch

Keep on crocheting on the other side of a chain 16 dc. Place a yarn leftover over the chain and use it as a padding cord, this will fix it and you just have to clip the end of it once the row is over. Turn the element, do 1 chs, 16 dc. make 2 dc in the next stitch. Based upon the pattern, you have to make 3, but I prefer 4 chains, this will prevent the leaf from folding.  2 dc in the one stitch, 6 dc  

Make an arch for the hole in the draceana leaf - 8 (in original 10) chainstitches. I've tried to follow the pattern, but this makes the arches sticking out and too dimentional. You can play with numbers to check what amount do you need for your pace. skip 5 stitches of a previous row and do 4 dc 

The first two rows are croceted without a traditional rib on the edge, and so turn the work, 1 chain, skip the first chain and do 3 dc. Work over the chain using it as a padding cord: 1 dc, 1 half-treble, 7 treble stitch, 1 half-treble, 1 dc. Skip one stitch and work dc till the center of a leaf

Make 2 dc into the last stitch before chain, 5 dc over the chain, 2 dc into one and 4 dc. 8 chains for the hole 5 dc

Turn work and continue on pattern. If you have a problem with it, I can make additional photos. Just keep in mind that the next "holes" are worked with 8 treble stitches. And in each row in the beginning do dc in to the first stitch of a previous row to create a rib

As a result we get this beautiful element that can work as draceane or a poppy leaf in your IC project

Алёна Салимова

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