Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Round motif ina hexagon mesh

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классический мотив с сеткой в шестиугольникеWhen I'm not in the mood for crochet, I love to browse through pictures of victorian and Edwardian clothing. And most ot the samples of irish crochet lace have one in common - the main detail in these garments is a flower or a circle with a mesh that shapes this element into hexagon

I could not find the exact pattern for it, so I had to spend couple of days tryng to solve this puzzle. And I made this little tutorial on how to crochet it

I've used Maxi and 1 mm hook for my lesson, so the motive turned out to be very big, and if you want to get small and elegant detail, I recomend you thread size 20 or even 40.
Ok, less words and more action. make 12 chainstitch and make a ring. Do 1 chain and 23 dc over the ring, finish the row with a slipstitch

Make 4 chain and then :1 treble 1 chain:

Repeat :: 23 times. Now we have a circle

Do a slipstitch into a space between 2 trebles and then make 3 chains, 1 dc, then *2 chain, 1 dc*, repeat * 23 times 

repeat * 23 times and we have a nice ruffle around our "

And again we move to the center of the arch with a ss, and start doing grounding. Crochet 6 ch, and make a picot stitch into a third chain, 7 ch and again picot into 4rth ch

To finish this loop we just have to add 3 chains and skipping the second small loop, do dc into the third one. 

Keep on repeating, we have to end up with 12 arches with picots. We finish this row with a treble right after the last picot

The sixth row is a bit tricky. Make 5 chains and dc into the middle of the first loop, right between picots

3 chains and turn the work. Do 6 trebles around the loop that we just made. (the photo states 8, but I recommend 6)

3 chains, turt work again and make another 6 treble stitches, and 6 chains with a picot into 3rd chain

3 chain and dc INTO THE SAME loop, that is already used by petal base

Do the same arch as we did for the previous row, attaching it to the next loop

Repeat petals 5 more times. Owr motive is almost ready, only last row left

to get the the 6th row, make 3 ch and dc into the top of a petal

We have to make the same arches woth two picots as we did in the 4rth row, only doing dcs into first, last stitches of a petal and in the arch between them.

This way we will have 18 arches on the edge of our element, and the lst row is actualy the one, where we join it with the others, 3 arches per each facet. 

Owr element is ready

Алёна Салимова

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