Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

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как вязать ромашку для ирландского кружеваHi everybody! Yes, I'm back and want to congratulate all of you with a new 2013 year! And finally I'm returning to irish crochet tutorials and with a holiday season I have some spare time to picture and describe everything, that I usually do half asleep.

Today I made a most popular in modern irish crochet lace daisy flower. This flower is frequently used by russian masters in their work because it is very flexible. Yo can make it with a different number  of petals, make them longer and thicker by adding treble stitches and co on. Today I'll show the classic version with 9 petals.

So we make a 9petal flower. The center of this motive will be made of 18 double crochet - 2 for each petal. If you want to increase the number, simply double the amount. Once you have this number, divide it by 3, this will give us a beginning chain. In my case I have 6 chain stitches that I lock in a ring.

3 chain 

Place a leftover yarn over the chain ring and work over it. This will add a volume and fix it at the same time. Do 17 treble crochet. Finish a row with a slipstitch.  

The next row will increase the bump  in the middle. Work 18 dc

Cut the thread about 4 inches long and fix it in a motive. Add a white thread and do 14 chain

Skip the first chain from a hook and do 2 dc, 1 dc with a yarnover, 4 treble stitches, 1 dc with a yarnover, 3 dc. We have two chains left 

Skip one stitch from center, do 1 dc into a next one.

The next and following petals use 13 chain stitches

Other petals are done just like a first one. Finish with a slipstitch into a first chainstitch of the beginning petal. Right now we have a fancy novempus. 

The following row starting in the base of the first treble of a petal. Do slipstitches over the edge 

Do 4 slipstitches and 1 chain 

And work dc to the top of a row

Do the dc into a one stitch

And continue dc until we reach the last treble of a petal. To move to a next element, make 1 chainstitch and continue binding of other details.

Finish the row, cut and fix thread into a motive. 

We have a daisy with an outstanding center

Алёна Салимова

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