Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

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The beginner crocheter is quite ofted becomes scared of those numerous thread left-overs. They think that it is almost unreal to hide a hundred and something yarn tails on the irish crochet lace motives. Espesially if you do not know HOW to fix it. Well, here is a small instructions on it. I use a 2 inch tapestry needle with a smooth edge. When the element is finished, I leave about 3-4 inches of a yarn, and in this lesson I'll show how to hide it inside a motive, in this case a shamrock leaf

I insert the needle into the the rear side of the leaf and pull is throught the set of stitches 

You might need to take a bit of extra and pul the needle through the second part of a leaf

Once the thread is evenly distributed inside the leaf, insert the needle 1 yarn before and pull the needle back the the beginning

Once the yarn returns to the start, stretch the motive and cut the thread.

Алёна Салимова

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