Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

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двухслойный цветок для ирландского кружеваI absolutely adore lace made by Antonina Kuznetsova, the way she crochets her floral motives and join them into colorful clothes. One of the flowers is a bicolor flowers with a ruffled edge. 

I neede some of them for my new project. The pattern for it is a classical irish rose, with a different center. Also I've made 5 petals in each row. For this lesson I used Violet in light and dark yellow, and 1 mm hook corchet.

Starting with a dark yellow thread, make 6-7 chain stitches and close them in a circle with a sls. Do another 3 chains


Work 19 trebles into the ring, do slipstitch and close the work. DO NOT CUT THE THREAD, we will use it in the edge binding!!! Generally you can continue on without binding off, but on my opinion it looks much neater

Using a light yellow thread, make a beginning stitch anf pull in throught the last stitch of the circle, the one we just binded off

Make 5 chain stitches( 1 to raise to the row level and 4 for petal base) and a double crochet into a fourth stitch of the circle.  Make 4 times in the following pattern: 4 chains, 1 dc into the fourth stitch of the previous row. The last one to to be connected into a 1st chain, the one we used to raise. We have 5 arches

Into each of them crochet 1dc, 1 half-a-treble, 4 tc, 1 half-a-treble 1 dc. As we do it, use the spare end of a light yellow yarn as a padding cord on top of the chains, fixing it in the flower

Finish the row with a slip-stitch

Now we can move to the next set of petals. Make 1 chain and a wrapping dc. To make it, insert the hook from the wrong side of a flower like shown on the photo

This is how it looks from the wright side

And make a DC

Do 5 chains for each petal and a wrapping dc

The petals are worked as before, but this time with 7-8 trebles. Once all petals are done, bind of and cut the yarn leaving 3-4 inches spare, which is then later will be fixed within a motive with a needle

And the last step in our flower is to pull out the dark-yellow thread and work the following way - 1 chain, 1 slipstitch. It is the best way to imitate the crabstitch but still keep the element easy to be fitted into mesh

The flower is ready!

мотивы ирландского кружева

Алёна Салимова

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