Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Continuous crocheting of a flower set

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Dгring the past 2 years, that I've spent on studying irish crochet, I've gathered a huge bag full of small floral motives. Some of them have been used in current projects, some are stashed up for the future. And from time to time all these treasures are exposed for inventory. And so I've got a big set of 4 petal flowers, which were ideal to make hydrangea inflorescence. To save time on sewing them later on, I've started joining these flowers together while crocheting new ones. Of course this hepled a lot, but still there were many yarn left-overs to be fixed. This gave me an idea to crochet a set of flowers without cutting it after each flower. In this instruction I'll show how to make sets of flowers that can lated be used in irish crochet lace.

Lets take a look at the photo - the blue flower set is made of separate flowers and the pink one is from one piece of thread

the pattern for hydrangea was  used a violet flower with a correction to 4 petals

For the start crochet 6 chain stitches and a slip stitch to a first chain, into a ring. 1 chain stitch and 11 double stitches to form a flower center.

3 ch.s and follow the pattern: 2 treble stitches in to the same stitch of the previous row

As I said before, I have plenty of separate motives in stash, so I use them too. If you do not have them, just skip the following two steps

Insert a hook into the separate motive so that it grabs both the back side of the stitch and a thread just below it

Pull the current loop through the separate motive

Finish the first petal as is shown on a pattern, start a new petal  and afer the firsh ts make 11 chain stitches, make a loop into a 7th stitch from the current...

Make 1 slipstitch into the chain. The 3 left chain stitches will serve as a edge of a petal.

WOrk 11 ds and a slipstitch to clowe the circle

3 chain stitches to start a new petal

2 threble stitches into the same stitch of the previous row and now we can are ready to join this new flower to a group


Complete the flower and with a last petal work only to the 2 ts, there is no need to crochet 3 chain stitches, they already are presented, just do the slipstitch as shown on the photo below.

This was you can crochet as many flowers in a group as you need.

Алёна Салимова

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