Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Crocheting a shamrock

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Трилистник, ирландское кружевоI'm starting a set of lessons on irich crochet lace. The lessons that were published earlier are dedicated for confident crocheters, but there are many beginners, that wold love to make lace. And so these step-by-step instructions are made for them.  Once again, I want to mention, that all materials here are made for use only on site, and copying it to other sites is prohibited. And so, the first lesson is a shamrock or the clover leaf. We'll crochet it using one the patterns below, although I have to say that I always make changes to match my crochet gauge. This particular leaf was made from Anna 16 yarn and Tulip hook size 1.1 mm




схема трилистника

We start our shmrock by crocheting 4 chains and closing it into a ring with a slipstitch to a first chain. Nex row starts with 11 chains - 1 stitch to raise to the main level and 10 for a petal. Finishing a petal base with 2 double crochet into a small ring, made of first 4 chains. All dc should be done around it, also working over a yarn leftover, this way we fix it in our work. 

Do another 2 loops for leaves - 10 chain, 2 dc. For the last loop make only 1 dc and a slipstitch into a first chain of a first loop

Do 1 chain and then follow the pattern: 1 dc, 1 dc with a yarnover, 9 treble. This is all done over the chain of a prevoius row and the yarn leftover. At the top of a petal make a 3 chain picot

And a slipstitch into the last DC. By the way, you can skip the picot, this way you'll have a smooth edge leaf

Do another 9 DC, 1 dc with a yarnover, 1 dc. Move to a next loop

Once all three parts of a shamkock are done, finish the leaf with a slipstitch into a chain, that we did in the beginning of a third row.

урок по вязанию трилистника, ирландское кружево

Cut the thread leaving tail about 4 inches long, and close the work, by pulling it throught the last stitch

Now we can fix the tail inside the motive with a needle, steam iron it a bit from a wrong side. Do not press the iron on it, otherwise you'll loose the voluse and your elment will be ruined and have no use in your work.Leave an element to dry for 24 hours and then you can add it itno your project.

Алёна Салимова

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