Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Classis leaf with ribs

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лист ирландское кружевоThis is the most popular element in irish crochet - the leaf with ribs. 

There are many patterns that you can use, but most of them really scare a beginning crocheter. I have to admit myself, that when I just started making them I ended us with crooked monsters that were so far away from the picture in the book.  Antonina Kuznetsova has helped me with a correct pattern. You can make this leaf with a plain dyied yarn by crocheting on a back loop of a stitch, or section-colored yarn and using both loops of a stitch, also you can change the size and a general appearence of a leaf, shaping in wide or long or thin. And today I'll show my favourit one. And another info - I never count amount of stitches in the row, but I already made at least a couple of hundreds of such leaves so I can spot the mistake without counting. 

We will be using this pattern. Letter P is stands for the russian abbreviation of a "Row"

I prefer to make at least 15-17 chain stitches for the ground row

Skip first chain from a hook, do double crochet stitch into each chain. Finish the row with 3 or 4 chains. with 4 chains you will have a bigger hole in a center of a leaf

Continue dcs on the other side of the leaf, using the spare end of a yarn as a padding cord. Keep it in front of your work and set it aside 2 stitches before the row end. This way we fix it inside the motive and now can be cut off. This will be the wrong side of our eaf. 

Do 1 chain stitch to raise to another layer, turn work and do the foloing. We have a braid of chains with two semi-loops of a chain - one looks to the front, the other to the back of our work. Insert the hook into the back one and make double crochet

keep on dc as shown above into each stitch of a previous row, until we reach the arch of 3-4 chains. Do not miss the last stitch before it, it is very easy to loose this stitch, since it is too small

do 2 DC into the arch, 3-4 chains 

2 dc into and keep on working on the other side of the leaf

Now we have to be careful - the last stitch of the row should always be done on to the full stitch, not the back semi-loop. This way you can be sure that there will be no holes and stretches once we place the motive in a mesh

Repeat last 5 steps. In a classical motive the step on leaf edge is equal, but I prefer to decrease each row, to make it more natural. So each row I do 2, 3, 4 stitches less. And do so intil I get the desired shape. In the last row I do 5 dc instead of the set 2dc-3chain-2dc for a smooth edge

Our motive is ready. Now we can cut off the yarn and fix it inside the element

Алёна Салимова

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