Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

Crocheting an openwork leaf

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Today we will crochet this lovely leaf with fillet net

Leaf pattern

Crochet 18 chain stitches, turn the work and do a half double crochet into 7th chainstitch from a hook, 2 chain stitches, double crochet into 4rth chain stitch from the hdc, and so on on the patern/ Finish with a slipstitch

3 chain stitches



do 5 double crochet stitches and further as shown on the pattern(the red arrow shows the direction). use the yarn leftover as a padding cord, this will save time on fixing it and will give extra volume

Finish the row with a slipstitch, bind off the stitch, leave 2-3 inches of yarn cut the yarn and fix the end

The leaf with a fillet net center is ready

Алёна Салимова

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