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A sprig from leaves

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веточка из листьевSometimes I use a set of motives that uses classical leaves joined into a sprig. You can sew them on a template, but it is much easier to join them while crocheting it.. 

And here is how you can help youself in this situation. These blocks are often used by Antonina Kuznetsova, als you can use them in a compositions with roses, acacia and other flowers that use pinnate leaf. To make these blocks, you neen to have at least two separate leaves - one will be joined in a block, the second one we will use to measure the distance for the third one. For this set I was making dc into both semi-loops of the previus row.

Ok, lets start. Once I make the last row, and right after 5 dcs into a arch of chains, I make 1 dc, 

Remove the hook from the working loop, and insert it into both semiloops of the similar stitch of the first leaf. Insert the hook into the current stitch

Pull the loop through the stitch on the chrochet hook and make a dc as usual. Keep on working in the same pattern  till the end of the row. Now we have a joined duet (almost wrote Duplet)

Using a separate leaf, try it out just to make sure where we have to start joining elements, and count the stitches. 

Join the third leaf the same way, two-fourdcs into a second leaf, then 2 normal double crochets, third one into the center of a seam that we got in a previous step, 2 regular dcs and then again 2-4 joined dcs with a first leaf. Work till the end of a row as usual. 

Now we have a sprig that can be used in your garment. This method is really saves your time and patience during grounding, since it  takes up to 15 minutes to sew the motives of one block together!

Алёна Салимова

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Muito lindo seus trabalhos .


Muito lindo seus trabalhos.

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