Irish Crochet Lace - step by step instructions

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In a modern version of IC there is no need to follow a strict pattern in creating flat and cabbage roses. Basically - each flower is created the same way - the central part, where amount of stitches is multiple amount f petals, and petals themselves. As of petals you can play with it's size. thickness and binding, but with a central part there are many options, depends on your fantasy


The classic irish crochet rose has a roll of thread, and worked over with dc. The number of dc is multiple the amount of petals. In this case you can variate an amount of petals, their size 

The second option - the ring is worked with Trebles with 3 chain stitches benteen. Petals are worked other the loops of chain .

Another option is a solid center, worked only wtih trebles over the ring. The rest of a flower is done the classical way

If you fancy a bullion stitch, you can also use it in your work. Use a padding cord to create a ring and work dc. You can make 2-3 rows of dc OVER the previous stitches, in this case you'lee get a nise button, which then is worked over with bullion stitces. Just remember that the amount of stitches should match the amount of petals 

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