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Two layered flower

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The two layered flower

There are many floral patterns in irish crochet lace, and after making a dozen of different flowers we tend to play with a pattern to make someting of our own (sometimes inventing a bike) 
And while I was busy with preparations for a Christmas fairs, I've got a helper, Lilia Pervushna. We have a long term partnership and she makes many lessons on my sites and . And now she also got our lace virus and trying to work on this direction too.  
And here is the first flower that Lilia made for us. She used this pattern :
We will need the following:
- size 10 yard of different colors
- 1 -1.1 mm crochet hook
We will be using english terms, 
Chain stitch - ch.s.
Slipstitch - ss
Double crochet - DC
Half treble crochet- HTC
front post double crochet - FPDC
treble crochet  - TC
Puff Stitch - PS
Make 6 chains and make a circle by doing a ss into a first chain
1 row: о1 chain and 12 dc around the chains with using yarntail as a padding cord.  ss into a chain to finish a row.
2 row: Make 3 chains *5 chains, 1 treble into a second dc of a previous row. Repeat from * 5 times (6 sections of a flower's center ) ss into a third chan
3 row: make the following set into each block around arch of 5 chains: 1 dc, 1 half a treble, 5 trebles, 1 htc, 1 dc. This is a small petal that we have to repeat another 5 times 
4 row: make second set of loops on the wrong side of a flower - 1 chain, * 6 chains , front post double crochet around the base of a petal, 6 chains picot* repeat 5 more times. bind off and cut the thread leaving about 2.5-3 inches long 
5 row: using a different colored yarn, make a first stitch and attach it to our work. Make the followin for a petals: 1 dc, 1 ht, 5 trebles, 1 half a treble 1 dc. For the picot make 1 dc, 1 HTC, 7 trebles, 1 ht, 1 dc. Repat for all petals. Our flower is ready .

Алёна Салимова

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