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Small bud

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The small bud from Galina Boltyanskaya.

This button is made using Garus thread and 0.6 mm crochet hook. For binding Galina used russian Lily thread in 2 ply.

Cast on 12 chains and make double crochet on it. 1 chain and turn the work

Second row: make 11 slip stitches in the back half loop , 1 chain, turn the work and make another slipstitch row in a back half a loop.  

Finish the row, but do not turk the work, contunue to wor on the other side of a bud:

Third row of an openwork  petal: 1 double crochet, 1 half a treble, 1 treble, 4 double treble crochet, 1 treble, 1 half a treble, 1 double, 1 slipstitch. Turn the work

4th row - 1 chain, sliptitches in the back loop for all stitches.

The 5th row is made with a fillet net: 1 double crochet, 1 chains, skip the stitch in the previous row and 1 treble,  *2 chains, skip the stitch in the previous row and 1 double treble, repeat from * 2 times, finishing 2 stitches before the end of a row with 2 chains and a treble. Turn the work

Row 6: chain, double crochet in the back loop, finish the row with chain

Row 7: work with dc on the back loop 

Add a cotton thread anf work with a crab stitch the whole flower bud.


Алёна Салимова

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