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Figured cord

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шнурок галины болтянскойFigured cord

The modern irish crochet lace combines many crochet techniques, such as a tunisian crochet, and here how we will use it in a figured cord using two colored threads. This step by step instruction was provided by Galina Boltyanskaya

Using a light colored yarn make 4 chains

galina3 01

Make but do not finish a puff stitch with 5-6 yarnovers into a first chain
galina3 02

galina3 03

work with tunisian style, pulling a working stitch through the following way: working stitch, pull-stitch and a yarnover. It may be complicating, just remember, that we work through three loops on a hook
galina3 04

galina3 06

This way we have a leaf-like shape in a chain

galina3 07

Continue on making chains until the necessarily length is reached
galina3 08

Adding a dark thread and with double crochet stitches into the chains of the light green. make 7-8 dc into each look. Also place a yarn leftovers inside the work and ise it as a padding cord, until it is secured and can be cut off
galina3 09

Make 1 dc intj the space between the puff stitches
galina3 10

The cord is ready 
galina3 11


Алёна Салимова

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