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One of the key moments of crocheting elements for irish crochet lace garments is the proper edge. You can change the motive with it by adding a volume, shape or even accenting it in the canvas

листья для ирландского кружеваSome itmes I'v asked, on which pattern do I crochet that particular leaf or a flower. To be honest - I follow he pattern only while working on a first couple of motives, before I get used to it, and after that use my imagination and create new types. And since I'm not the big fan of identical elements, I've already gathered a huge collection of floral elements. Of course it is not a classical symmetrical irish lace, but if you are planning to make a floral design it is very useful to have a big set of different leaves, just as they look in nature - some are small, some are of different shape or even layed on a different agngle from your point of vew. As a sample, these leaves were crocheted based on the same template, but each one had some changes implemented to that it looks more like a real hydrangea bush and not from a herbarium exposition. 
That is why I like the modern irish crochet, it is more like jazz, where you can improvize and create your own music based on the well known tune.

100 % mercerized cotton

565 m(617 yds)/100 g

Soft yarn which can be used both for motives and mesh. Although motives are very gentle and may loose a volume. A mesh is alsovery soft, so if you are planning to crochet a streaming texture, this thread is the one.

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