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crochetind advise from Antonina Kuznetsova Tips and tricks on doing irregular filling for irish crochet lace from Antonina Kuznetsova

5 years ago I hav no clue, how to work this filling at all (the interview was made back in 2007). All I did is just getting experience from one garment to another, improving the style and technique. And even now, every new piece of lace gives more ideas. The main thing is to get the regularity of a pattern. It is the way you have to walk yourself. Looking at other ideas, but still, yourself. Do not be affraid of it, my sisters in crochet! Never I met the person who tried and did not make it.  At first you will work in a slow pace, since you will be thinking, where the next chain and treble should go, but once it becomes familiar, the filling will go on so naturally. 
Everyone, who works in irish crochet lace has it's own unique script, but all their secrets are easy to read from the canvas, once you begin to recognize main elements. And I always say - THERE IS NO SECRET!!! Just analysis and synthesis! All you have to do is think of what you are trying to achieve and how it can be done.

Let's reach the agreement, that there is no such thing as a fear regarding crochet. NEVER!!!! Even if something does not come out perfectly, there is always a chance to change it. That is why irish crochet lace is so unique. Can not unravel it? Use scissors and cut it out!

For a starter, there is no need to make a wide range of motifs, even an experienced specialist might have a problem with a layout. Use 2-3 types of flowers, similar in design, big and small leaves, some shamrocks. Having sich a set of elements it's hardly to make a poor design. Spend some time studying nate, the variations of flowers and colors, draw with your crochet hook. do not place elements using a "may they fit together perfectly" idea. Filling dives you freedon to place motifs the way you like, not the way they match. It's not a jiz-saw puzzle.

There are perfect win-win combination - green leaves and white flowers with yellow center. all you have to do with them is throw on a template, spread evenly and it will look great. In other cases I make pre-assembled blocks of elements, that have already been in a pattern and eases the process. But still, I do not make the whole dress out of this blocks, only if you already made exaclty the same one.

If you plan to sew in the motifs toghether, make in on the wrong side.  

All the motifs with fixed thread, steam-ironed and set to dry out. Now you can place them on a template. Template is a piece of dense texture cloth, such as unbleached calico, folded in two-three layers, that has a tailor template drawn on it. All the motifs are placed and sewn in on it. I do not recommend you to use a tailor pins, since it is not safe and also the filling can destort once you finish your work. 

As of the filling. You have to remember that in should be irregular, i.e. made with a use of both chains and trebles.  Use a finer thread for filling and start from any place of a lace you like. It's better to use a long and narrow areas, where you can move from one "shore" to another, as if you are swimming accross a narrow river back and forward.

Use stitches that have a different height,  use slipstitch, double, treble stitches to connect to a motif, or you can remove the hook from a working stitch, insert the hook into the stitch in the element and pull the working chain through. You chould try all the elements you know, to create you own filling pattern. Keep moving forward and away from you, do not push yourself into corners, where is no way out. 

I have some of the poor quality photos, that still show how to do it. First: the elements are sewn in to a template with a wrong side up. You can see a tuck

The next step is a tuck again, but the filling is already done on both sides 

Gilling between romanian cords and elements

And this is how it is made: supply the thread with a left hand, while right hand holds the hook like a knife, as if you are about to cut a sausage. 

You need to study photos where filling is clearly visible, feel the way it was done, try to identify stitches. Then move to the step with flowers and the template. And start to crochet. And do not worry if your filling looks different, it's your own script that you will work on 

Алёна Салимова

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