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yarn for irish crochet laceMiss Alize yarn for irish crochet lace


Many of the knitters and crafters choose to create from Alize yarn. And I'm not an exception, I'm deeply in love with this brand and was really pleased, when saw their version of size 10 thread. Its called Miss Alize 


It does not differ from any other turkish thread yarn and contains 280 m in 50 gramms / 305 yard in 1.76 ounces. The suitable hook 1-1.1 mm. But despite the same yardage, gause and spinning it is much softer than any other turkish mercerized size 10 yarn. The garment from Miss is more silk like and softer. Plus it offers a great choice of colors in both plain and stripe colors. Add a traditional Alize Batik Design color pattern and guess why I'm so in love with this wonderfull thread.  Number one in my score list!

So here are the color cards for Alize Miss 

Plain colors

Short stripes or as they called it Miss Melange

And a great choice in Batik Design, you can always find the right color for your work, each section is enough to make at least 2-3 irish roses

Алёна Салимова

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