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How much yarn do I need for IC?

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Today I'm not in a crochet mood, so let's talk about more interesting thing. Just how many skeins of yarn will you need for IC

Obviously, there is now specific formula for the yarn usage, it all depends on the size of your design, how you fit the elements of irish crochet lace, and their thickness, volume and shape. Threre are many factors that have to be counted. But generally you have to count as if you were crocheting a regular pattern with a a little bit of lace. For example, if it takes you 300 gr on a usual slothing, it might be the same for IC, or a bit less, if you do more filling than motives. But that is for the monochrome pattern.

But with a modern irish crochet, which was brought into fashion by Ukranian artists, you'll have to spend a ot of time, money and effort in a quest for the right color of yarn to fit into your puzzle. I wrote earlier about it, but just to remind, that in order to create a nice looking design, you need to keep at last half of the yarn that local yarn shop offers you. Even if you do not plan to continue to work on lace in the future. A couple of skeins of this color, another two of that, and oops, they do not match!!! So you go to the web, and order some more. And the new ons arrive with a different dyeing lot. Never take one skein, you never know when you change your mind and do the whole piece in one color. This has happened to me once, and noy I have a limited set of flowers and leaves, plenty of yarn for padding cord and filling, but none for the elements, and the yarn is no longer spinned. Keep some extra, 300 grams of the same color is the minimum for your shopping cart.

Your stash does not ask you to feed it, and you can always exchange the extras with other crafters, but it is nice to have some yarn spare. WHo knows if one day you'll start making dresses for Barbie and her friends, or crochet jewelry, and you'll have plenty of material ready to work with. And the other thing, do not hesitate to buy yart even if you have the sae color in stock - shades vary from lot to lot, and you can find the right one for your work.

And to satisfy your curiosity, I'll show you my stash of size 10 yarn. These photos were made three years ago, while I was sorting them out and hiding it from my dear husband.

You can imagine the same amount of size 50, which is storen in a bag, bigger than Santa's

And that was just a quarter of the yarn I had at that time. ince that it has increased 10 times. Right now my lace yarn stash is already peeking out from every drawer and bed storage, so it useless to sort it and picture. And still I can hardly find three matching shades of green or blue, so that they whould make a harmony!!!!

So do not hesisitate and shop for yarn!!! .

Алёна Салимова




Hi.Which yarn is usefull for blouse cotton or mercerized or.etc?


Aylin, it's better to use mercerized cotton, size 10-20 for motifs and size 50 for a filling.

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