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DMC yarn for lace

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Nowadays we have a great choice of yarn for the irish crochet lace. You can choose from a turkish or italian fine lace cotton, with lots is colors and sizes.

But a century ago, crocheters had no options and mostly used  DMC fine threads. Now this brand is popular for it's tapestry threads, but keeps producing traditional lace yarn, starting from size 3 to 100. The beginners may be confused with these numbers, but there is nothing to be scared of. The bigger the number, the thinner the thread. And to make it clear, size 10 is generaly matches turkish Maxi or Violet, and size 20 - to Canarias. Size 5 and 8 is often used by other  brands and usually called Perle with a number stated, i.e. Perle 5 or Perle 8. Both of them, and also 3 can be used for a padding cord. Let's have a look what DMC has to offer us for the irish crochet lace masterpiece.

DMC Cebelia



DMC Cebelia. Mercerised cotton, great color choice and also spinned in three sized - 10, 20 and 30. This makes it a perfect yarn for irish crochet lace - size 10 can be used for a padding cord, size 20 to make the motives and 30 for the grounding mesh 


DMC Traditions, пряжа для ирландского кружева




DMC Traditions Crochet Cotton Thread. Size 10 yarn, is made in limted color options. Also there is a difference in yardage: white and ceru are  400 yards per skein, coloured yarn  - 350 yards






DMC Cordonnet Crochet Cotton Thread - mercerised cotton. There is only two colors - white and ecru, but the size helps you to choose from - 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

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