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Padding cord - what is it?

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мотивы ирландского кружева на бурдонеMost of the traditional elemenst of the irish crochet lace are made with a help of a bourdon.

To make it correct - the proper name for it is a padding or packing cord cord, the "bourdon" is the french term, that was used in European magazines, and migrated to russian. So what is the padding cord? In fact is a bundle of threads or thicker yarn, that is used to crochet motives on. In Russia and former USSR countries we use a chain stitch for the same purpose, but it does not give such a volume for a motive. To create a shape it is recomended to use 4 to 8 tmes thicker than the main thread. Luckily yarn makers make different types and colors of mercerised cotton threads to match our needs.

In our particular case we have two the most popular turkish brands, that are available in LYS. So if you use Maxi as a main thread, you can take Miya/Myra of the matching color in one or two plies. For those whou prefer Yarnart, there is a choice of Violet and Begonia 4 ply. Even if you can not find the same color, you can still use the main thread i 6-8 ply for the padding cord. To make it easier, use threads from 2-4 skeins, folding the bundle for the necessarily length. To fix in the work, just make a first chain stitch with the main yarn.

How long should be the padding cord? It all depends on a type of a motive, for small ones 12 inches is enough, for a more comples ones 36 and more, it is easy to test - cut a cord about 36 inches long and make a sample motive. Then count the left-over, this will give you approximate length of a PC. 

later on I'll make lessons on how to make motives with a padding cord, that you can find in this section.

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Gail Rapp

Gail Rapp

:-) thanks. Exactly what I needed to know. :-)

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