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Osteochondrosis - the other side of the medal

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The other side of our hobby - osteochondrosis

The last week of 2010 I've spent sewing together motives of the black vest. The desire to finish it as soon as possible was so big, that I completely forgot about safety and did the routine exerсises only when the neck was hurting like hell. And as a result the vest was not finished in time, my neck is hurt so that I can not move it at all.A tiny lean causes a terrible pain. Luckily the holidays are over and I can make an appointment with a doctor.

And here is a small reccomendation for everybody who is obsessed with irish crochet lace. The charmy lace does not worth to pay such a big price of a pain in the neck and the spine, so it is a good idea to check up with an arthrologyst once in a while. The sooner you start the threatment, the more chances will have for a recovery. And do not forget two main rules:

Always do you crochet with a straight back and neck, do not bend or lean over the working area
Take a breake every 15 minutes and make a small physical exercises. 

Your lace can wait while you are stretching a tired neck and legs, restoring a blood-flow. There is no need to do a full set of aerobics, basing warming-up set from yoga will be great. Turn your head from side to side, flap hands and arms, walk around the room. This will not take too much time, and will give you much better results tan a full body work-out three times a week. And again, the main rule - crochet for 15 minutes and rest 5-7 minutes.

physical exercise

Алёна Салимова

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