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One of the key moments of crocheting elements for irish crochet lace garments is the proper edge. You can change the motive with it by adding a volume, shape or even accenting it in the canvas

Motive bloking can be made with the same yarn or with a contrast color, depends on your ideas. You can add a hint of gloss using a lurex thread or fancy yarn, just like many crafters do in modern version of ICL. Even thought it then can be called a freeform, but hey, life does not stay still and we can mix styles. There are 4 main types of edging that can be used in irish lace.


The mos popular is a classical double crochet with picots into every third of fourth DC. It is mostly used in motives and garment edges such as neckbands, armholes, hemline, often done over the padding cord.  This edge is very comfortabe when you work on grounding. I often use in when join two parts of hand-bags 






The second one, that is very popular between russian crocheters is the edge that is made of a combination of chain an slipstitch. It creates a ruffles around the element. It is often called Miroslava's edge, after Miroslava Gorohovitch, who made this type her distinctive fiture of her lace.  This type is also very comfortabe for grounding, since the joint will be hidden behind the ruffle.

обвязка мотива в ирландском кружеве




Thirs type is a reverse double crochet or a crab-stitch. It creates a nice smooth edge, but upon my opinion is very problematic when it comed to do the mech. Althout it is great on final treatmen of your outfit.







And the last one is a simple slipstitch that you make on the edge of the element. I use it to distinguish small elements such as round flower buds and leaves. It can also be used to create a rib between rows of a motiv, such as flower center and petals, where you crocher petal elements inserting hoor into the stitches, hidden behind this edge

Алёна Салимова

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