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Mona and Eva, Cotonex

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100% mercerised cotton

Today I wanted to talk about Mona-5 yarn, but after visiting a LYS, I've realised that I have to say a lot about the whole rande of cotton yarn from Cotonex. Why?

The thing is, that couple of weeks ago I bought a few packs of Mona-5, a great red terracote color. The thread itself was really nice in motifs, even thought it us slightly thinner than a Violet, but for irish crochet lace it fitted perfectly, both for motifs and mesh. Or should I say especially for mesh. Soft and not so hard twisted as Violet or Maxi, and mesh comes out very soft and elastic.

Having this in mind, I've rushed to LYS to duy more colors, and there was a disappointment. Under this lable there was a big mistery, since the wide and twost of the yarn has varied from color to color. And so the pink one looked like Begoina, ecru was rather a thin, but stil knitted cord, and a mustard color was an exact copy of Yarnart Canaris. And when I've spottet the needed shade of green, it turned out to be a twin brother of Perle 5, AltynBasak, if not slightly thicker. More than that, from pack to pack yarn has varied even within one color.
Me and the shop assistant has switched to another yarn types of the same brand, and found out the same regularity - the complete lack of logics, thickness and thread twist. I had an impression, that there was a decision to spin all types of yarn and lable them not by gause, buth rather a skein type - 50 g, cardboard base - Mona and Mona-5, 100 g cardboard base - Eva and Eva-5, and 50 g skeins without a base - Laura.

So if you are planning to buy this yarn, be prepared to play an exciting game - find a pair. But as I said before, some skeins are ideal for irish crochet.

Алёна Салимова

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