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Diva Alize

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Diva Alize

I really wanted to try IC with a pure silk thread. But the price of the yarn and texture were the main reason not to do so, since the silk that is used here for carpetweaving is pretty thick. A couple of weeks ago I've spotted in LYS brighg colors and silky shine of Alize Diva and decided to give it a try for a spring-autumn models.

Fiber: 100% microfilbre acrillic
Length  350 m/100 g 
Needle size 2,5-3,5, hook 1-3 mm

Color card 
This yarn is really soft an silky, while it is almost as thick as Begonia Yarnart(which I use for padding cord and some fast projects). But what is really exciting about this yarn is its color range both in plain and Batik Design. I've tried to crochet some motives and really satisfied - they are very lightweighted and soft. To compare the size, I've placed two flowers made on the pattern but with Maxi AltynBasak(10). These new motifs will be great for a scarf 



Алёна Салимова

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